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Pawz N' Style

Redesigning a Dog Grooming Website for better user engagement.



UX/UI Designer: 
Victoria (Myself)


3 months
(July-Sept 2021)


UX Research
User Testing
UI & UX Design


Figma, Zoom
Pencil & Paper


“I wish I didn’t have to keep repeating myself on the phone. Less calls means more time for building my business” - the owner of Pawz N’Style, Anchalee spent too much time answering the same customer questions repeatedly, while trying to balance her time with grooming appointments and managing her business. The client needed a new method to handle general customer inquiries in an efficient and organized way.

It was clear that I had to figure out how to create a better experience for both the user and the client through the website redesign.
Using a variety of research methods, I designed a modernized and friendly website that:
- Strengthened their online brand presence
- Provided additional details to help guide and educate potential customers
- Adjusted customer expectations helping them feel more comfortable connecting and communicating with Pawz N'Style (A discovery during research. Learn more below, here)

Case Study Process

Influenced by Stanford D School’s Design process- I added an additional testing phase for mid-fidelity prototypes to confirm the redesign’s usability. This decision was made at the time in order to receive customer feedback and confirm the high-fidelity prototype's usability for the Pawz N'Style's client.


Identifying our Research Objectives

Pawz N'Style mentioned that potential customers always called in with the same questions. Some customers left the phone conversation frustrated due to difference in information expectations.

In addition to updating the FAQ information on the website, I also wanted to understand the potential customer's point of view. Specifically, what motivated and influenced customers during their decision making process, and what could potentially help increase their positive impression of Pawz N'Style.

After the kickoff meeting, I began conducting research with the following questions in mind:

  • Who are the target audience of the dog grooming business?
  • What is the demographic of the dog grooming business?
  • How do potential customers book appointments for the first time?
  • What criteria do they consider before booking?
  • How do potential customers look for dog grooming salons?
  • How did current customers find Pawz N’Style?
  • How do current customers book appointments?
  • How do they learn about new deals/updates?
  • What are the customer’s goals or frustrations when booking?
  • Who are the competitors in the area, and how do they compete?

Discovering the dog owner criteria for grooming salons

Looking deep into the dog grooming industry and situation, I compiled my research and presented my findings at our client meeting. The secondary research was a combination of survey data, yearly statistics reports, and referencing from competitive websites.

The client was pleasantly surprised to learn new facts about the industry market and 2021 trends, and gained valuable, applicable knowledge on customer criteria in Canadian dog grooming salons.

Samples of numerical data presented:

4706Current Number of Pet Grooming and Boarding Services in Canada
Avg. growth of the industry b/w 2015-2020, expected to continue
26%Dog owners spend more money on their dogs during Pandemic

Many competitors are lacking web presence or have difficult user interfaces

The analysis below is focused on website feature evaluation.  I focused on grooming spas that the client considered as her main competitors, and other popular grooming spas within close proximity, that could potentially be her competitors as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Stronger Websites included Service Descriptions for new customers
  • All websites included a Photo Gallery- important as a showcase for groomers’ skills
  • Many competitors lacked FAQ section, a strong point of Pawz N’Style
  • All competitors had a playful and fun theme to their websites, with many cute and attractive photos of groomed dogs. (Good Positive association)

Dog owners want to obtain their information in an easy, fast, and convenient way

I created two provisional personas (Potential and Current customers) based on the statistics and data gathered from secondary research so far. This helped me form a basic guideline for the individuals I wanted to recruit and interview; I also added their goals and frustrations to observe and confirm in user research.

New Pawrent
Generation Z ~ Millenial | 21 ~ 32
Dental Assistant
Returning Dog Father (mother)
Millenial | 25 ~ 40
Real Estate Agent
  • Find a Reliable Groomer
  • Decent price for good quality cut
  • Can answer all questions quickly
  • Easy Booking Process
  • Groomer with Social Media Presence
  • Unresponsive Emails
  • Slow Replies
  • Having to call in
  • No price comparison
  • Outdated Website
  • Consistent Quality Cuts
  • Beautiful, Happy Dog Children
  • Good Groomer Relationship
  • Convenient re-booking
  • Stay updated with Salon News
  • Difficult to reach by phone
  • Slow Replies
  • Price Changes
  • Uninformed Changes
  • Outdated Website Photos

Understanding our Primary Users:
An Interesting Discovery

Based on the project timeline, I realized that I had to focus on one specific persona. Because acquiring new customers and handling the current overflow of customer inquiries was more important to the client, I prioritized the New Pawrent user.

I recruited a total of 9 participants- 4 potential customers and 3 current customers of Pawz N'Style. All sessions were moderated, virtual interviews conducted over Zoom.I recruited current customers as well, to better understand the whole grooming process and their thoughts on the current systems. It provided rich information that I would not have known otherwise if I focused only on the target group.

‍I organized the information on digital post it notes and synthesized the data via affinity diagram. This helped me capture common trends among the customers. Based off the patterns, I also created empathy maps to further understand their points of view. It was interesting to see common motivations and behaviour points converged together.

Key Findings of Potential customer's needs include:

Services Offered,
Price Guidance
Photos of groomed dogs and facilities
Reliable Communication
Quick Answers,
Limited Back and Forth exchange
Reply time period
Dog Groomer's Skill and Personality

“I don’t feel comfortable calling in if I’m not ready to book”

New Pawrent users needed a way to connect with Pawz N'Style in a safe, comfortable way, where they could obtain information within an expected period of time without the pressure to commit immediately. This was a need that had to be met in order to fairly consider whether Pawz N’Style was right for them.


Meet Maddy, the New Pawrent

Maddy is the New Pawrent Millennial, based on potential customers interviewed. All design decisions moving forward were made with consideration of New Pawrents, like Maddy.

"Koca is my baby, I want to make sure her new groomer will have her best interest at heart.

Feathering? What's that?

I don't know much about grooming services or what's suitable for Koca at the moment, but I'd like to understand everything and know who will be grooming her."
  • Understand what services Koca requires and needs
  • Feels rest assured about the Groomer's abilities
  • Feel confident about expectations on overall process
  • Have an overall positive experience interacting with the selected salon
  • Maintaining good health for Koca
  • Having a cute, polished and clean dog
  • To make Koca comfortable and happy
  • Positive Criteria include: Cleanliness, proximity, skills, friendliness, services, price, and convenience
Jobs to be done
  • Find a Dog Grooming salon that matches personal criteria
  • Determine prices and services suitable for Koca
  • Contact Dog Grooming Salons for Info
  • Lack of information available online
  • Slow, unknown email response rate
  • Not understanding price quotes/grooming process
  • Hesitation to call strangers without a point of reference

How might we help Maddy with her needs?

Pawz N'Style's initial challenge was the high number of customer inquiries and the lack of sufficient information online. This tells us that one group of potential customers are comfortable with calling.

During the research phase, we learned that there was also a group of potential customers who are not comfortable with calling. However, both groups have the same goal and struggle of obtaining important information about Pawz N'Style to make their decision.

I realized that by solving this same problem for both groups, Pawz N'Style's challenge would also be solved.

With that in mind, I started from the POV:
Pawz N'Style: How might we answer all the customers' inquiries while still giving Pawz N'Style more time to groom?
Maddy: How might we provide Maddy with all their specific answers, without the need to call in early on?

 To these 3 main problems:

Problem 1: Maddy doesn’t know if Pawz N’ Style would be the right match for her dog.
Problem 2: Maddy feels hesitant to call. She wants the most efficient communication method that  would require the least amount of effort and time.
Problem 3: Maddy does not know if they offer the services and price range that suits her needs. She lacks the information necessary to decide whether to consider Pawz N’Style.
How might we..increase her understanding of Pawz N’Style as a trustworthy and reliable dog grooming salon, through the website? (Increased positive impression/accessibility)
How might we.. help her feel confident and assured that she can get a response from Pawz N’Style within a comfortable period of time?

How might we.. motivate her to feel comfortable calling, if needed?
How might we.. help her feel confident they have all the information she needs to consider Pawz N’Style?

But first, Pen & Paper


Are we On Track?
Catering to both the Client and the User

I created a Venn diagram to get a visual comparison of the client and user's goals and challenges. This helped reinforce my understanding of what to prioritize and address.

The Common goals matched the HMW questions to be addressed. This indicated that I was moving in the right direction.


Updating the Sitemap

While maintaining the original structure of the website, I modified the new sitemap to include more details based on what the Users wanted to know, and the common practices from competitor websites.

  • Users need more information. Services (Grooming Process, Services, Price Consultation) were added.
  • Users preferred to know more about their quality, skills and person behind the grooming. About us (Groomer Profiles, Certifications, about the Salon) were added.
  • Users like to see example photos. Before/After Photos were added.
  • Users want to know the response rate.  Contact Us (Response Rate Information) were added.
  • In addition, I included a CTA at the bottom of each page with Contact Details and Location/Hours for easy access.

Designing Tasks for Maddy- User Tasks

Based on the HMW and main goals, I created 4 tasks to understand how users like Maddy would behave. (Learning the positive quality traits, Communication style motivation, obtaining information behaviour and thoughts).


Reaching Maddy's Goals


Initial Iterations

In the first iteration I sketched the wireframe of each page with several options for the client to choose from.

Once I received her approval for her design preferences, I moved on to creating the mockups on Figma.


Design Validation

The client was interested in knowing what potential customers would think of the design updates we made. First, mid-fidelity wireframes were tested on 4 participants. After some changes, the high fidelity prototype was tested on 5 new participants. Both rounds were conducted using remote moderated testing.

Following the tests, major changes were made to the website design. I'll be explaining primarily about the changes made to the high fidelity prototype.

Homepage- Main Changes

1. The News banner was not apparent and this section was easily missed. To capture their interest on the message, I added a playful design.

2. The timeline was an interesting feature, but majority preferred to search for the same information on the Services page. To prevent redundancy, it was removed and combined and under the services section on the Services page.

Services- Price Guidelines

1. Initially, the contact information was placed after services. This was intentional for convenient access. However, similar details were usually located at the bottom and users assumed the webpage ended there. Following Jakob's law, the banner was relocated to the bottom, above the footer on every page.

2. Users were happy to see a Price Reference Chart. Excited, many skipped over important details which were needed to calculate the overall estimate. To counter this and to increase transparency, the important details became more prominent and a sample shoulder-height calculation was included.

3. For a better overview, 'Factors affecting price and groom time' was moved up.

Contact Us-Managing User Expectations

1. For a quick overview of what to expect, a banner description was added on each page. One of the main concerns was the Dog Groomer's response time, so this was clarified here.

2. The term "Booking Request Form" was confusing and gave the impression that users could only book with the form, and not request for the price estimate. To clarify its meaning, a reassurance message for price estimate was added.


Refreshed, Minimal and Friendly.
Introducing the Pawz N'Style Redesign

Below are the 6 main pages created for this project. The functional prototype is the product of the research, design, and testing mentioned up to this point.

View Prototype

Next Steps & Main Takeaways

I enjoyed working on this redesign project with the client. Anchalee was happy with the new website design and requested for me to continue working with her. The next steps is for the website to be developed and published online.

Some of the main design deliverables that helped influence and shape the solution included:

- Creating Maddy, the Persona- this helped me with user empathy, I could also discover valuable insight which Anchalee was unaware of (expectations and hesitations).
- Goals Venn Diagram- this deliverable helped me confirm that I was serving business and user needs in the right direction, aligning the main goals addressed.
- Involving users in the Usability test- this helped to surface and address some key basic issues before building the whole website and launching it to the customers.

One thing that I’d do differently...
I found the extra usability testing step valuable for Anchalee to see the potential outcome. However, in order to save resources in the future (time, users, pushing the project forward), I would stick to testing once during the mid-fidelity prototype stage, and then allocate resources more efficiently by conducting a post launch usability test instead.

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